Dear Native Son,

Thank you so much for the beautiful transformation to our front yard! From the initial contact and all through out to the completion of this project, you both as well as your staff were a pleasure to work with.  Your staff did an amazing job with the landscape and irrigation! Both of you were so efficient, hard working, knowledgeable, patient and kind. Diane was always polite, prompt and helpful when I called the office.  After our first meeting I knew that you understood the look I envisioned.  Not only did you come up with a beautiful cottage garden design, but you also were able to work with our budget needs.  You were so patient with all of my questions and willingly educated me on so much!  Your knowledge and love of gardening is a wonderful blessing that you freely share and encourage your clients with and I thank you!

Karen L.

Parrish, FL

Dear Native Son,

The drainage area looks great – your team did an excellent job!

Thank you!
M. Fenton

Hi Native Son,

I LOVE that south side yard!  For the first time ever, I was able to go out there and hose items off, and NOT have dirt back on them before I could turn them right side up!!  And who ever decided how to lay out the old pavers in each side yard,  I love the linear look of standing at the end of the space, looking back and it looks great! That really appeals to me, and until the project was complete did not realize how much I like it.

I am so pleased with the whole outcome, it looks wonderful!!!  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!  Please relay to everyone how pleased I am and how much I appreciate the hard work to transform this yard!



Good morning Native Son!

Dave, Jeff, Caroline and I did a walk around yesterday and just loved all that we saw.  We want to tell you how gorgeous our landscaping is, everything growing and blooming and looking fabulous.  All the Elms are greening out and looking super!  The campus really looks wonderful and you will be thrilled to learn that the maintenance level is vastly improved as our clients and staff honor the efforts we all made.  WE ARE VERY PROUD and thank you for being such a wonderful part of the renovation and beautification of First Steps residential campus.

Our thanks and best to you,

Mollie and Dave

Dear Native Son,

Thank you so much for your efforts & patience. We thoroughly enjoy our yard and your hard work & expertise helped turn it around.

Bill & Lin – Sarasota, FL

Dear Native Son,

Wanted to thank you for being so nice to work with. We are pleased with what we see. Certainly was a learning experience for us to see how deftly, efficiently and politely your crew worked…especially seeing the boss man giving good example and working alongside.

Josi – Sarasota, FL

Dear Native Son,

We cannot begin to describe how happy we are with the prompt, thorough, personalized service you, and your team give us. We are thrilled with you and the outcome of our most recent requests.

Dan Callender – Venice, FL

Thank you Native Son!

The new Ligustrum bushes look great and Kevin loves what you were able to do with the downspouts and new drains.

Anita and Kevin

Lakewood Ranch, FL